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Bitcoin BTCUSDT Daily Trading - Daily Technical Analysis Chart - 7 Feb 2020

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BTCUSDT Daily Technical Analysis

BTCUSDT daily technical analysis and strategy.

Price Trends

Volume - RSI - MACD

Support Resistance

Suggestions for Strategies 


BTCUSDT, Daily Technical Analysis (Friday, 7 Feb 2020) 

Bitcoin BTCUSDT yesterday hit a new high, reaching nearly 9900.

The highest price BTCUSDT has reached since the end of October 2019.



The uptrend of BTCUSDT continued when BTCUSDT broke 9700.

BTCUSDT is now touching the upper edge of the bullish channel

Now BTCUSDT may face resistance 9900 – 10.000



One pin bar down, has a very large volume but the body is small.

This could be a sign of selling pressure above 9900

Some early buy 9000 – 9100 start to take profit



The current price range is also quite close to the strong round number - round number - 10,000

10.000 may act as psychological resistance

Some may close orders or stop profit-taking.



In general, the up-trend is still there

The closer the price zone to 10,000 should not buy close to 9.900 - 10.000

It is best to wait for a return down and then let's buy from 9.500 – 9.100 up


If you bought before, 9100 – 9400, can buy more

Stuff buy order with BTC with the latest pin bar setup around 9.700


Must move all the stops of the previous orders to the stop position of the latest order 9.600

In case the price reverses, all your positions must be exited.






BTCUSDT, Daily Technical Analysis. Friday, 31 Jan 2020,  




The uptrend is still ongoing.


The buying force is strongly expressed

When recent pull backs - BTCUSDT only showed the shadow of the candle

And then pulled up very quickly.

There was a candle of this type yesterday with a very large volume.


BTCUSDT may have fallen into an overbought state

Because during the recent rally up we have not witnessed a deep recovery to gain momentum.

Last 2 times going up $1500, always has a correction of $900

May be a correction from $9900 back to $9000 then can go up again.


BTCUSDT is now heading to the very strong round resistance level of 10,000.

At the previous level of 10,000, BTCUSDT was quickly released, pushing the price to 6,500.



Today is the weekend, and also the end of the month, Bitcoin will not be stable.

Can buy in line with the uptrend

Should not be bought in large volumes

The price is approaching $10,000, should not chase the price anymore.

Can wait to buy up from $9.255 or from $9.000 - $9.200









BTCUSDT, Daily Technical Analysis. Monday, 30 Jan 2020,

The uptrend is still dominant
BTCUSDT is currently blocked by an old resistance 9500.

Reduced, wait for correction to 8800-9100 last support area or pump to 9800 (last resistance)

During strong up trending, the EMA13-EMA26 is a good support area
MACD and RSI show a sign of correction or retest

The recent strong trending period without deep correction may lead to correction for BTCUSDT
Especially when BTCUSDT approaches the very strong area of 9.500 – 10.000.

Trading strategy today is waiting to buy from below in the retest areas 8.800 – 9.100


Live tracking







28 Jan 2020 - Daily Technical analysis for BTC/USD

The uptrend still prevails.
BTCUSDT broke up the 2-bottom pattern and then went up
A momentum for price increase
Currently BTCUSDT is right at the old resistance level ($9100 - $9200)
Should not buy anymore $9100 at Resistance now (wait for pull back 8800, 8600)
RSI shows a sign of overbought - making it easy for prices to reverse.
From the trend structure and price action, we can see that the trend is still up
But the current price zone ($9100) is resistance.
It is better to wait for BTCUSDT to recover to buy.


Price increases and Volume increases, confirm up trends (4H)

It is better to wait for BTCUSDT to recover to buy.
Or wait for a break of $9200 then pull back to buy up.

One more fakey appears right at the critical price zone $8700
Prices respond to this area as beautiful as in textbooks, up to $9100 (After two bottoms model 8100-8400-8700, push prices go up, then a fakey at $8700 push the prices to $9100)
Market context is in the push wave.

We should wait for the price to touch the area that has drawn the last 2 fakies and buy
8800 – 8600 - 8300

In case the highest peak is broken $9100 and $9200
We can watch when this peak is pulled back touched again to buy.
We can also use EMA13 and EMA26 to keep track of pull back in this uptrend to buy.






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